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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Three Year Old Chore Chart

As part of my plan to set some intentions for this summer, I thought I would make a chore chart for the kids. I don't know if chore is the right word, but basically these are tasks that both kids can help with and be responsible for. Here's what I did.

I cut a circle out of poster board and divided it into 8 sections. Then I drew the task (ha! don't laugh at my skills) and wrote out what it was. For my three year olds I have

Pick up Toys
Make Bed
Water Flowers
Check on Garden
Help Mama (also I have been using this as listening to mama)
Put Away Clothes/Laundry
Walk or Feed Duncan (they love helping with the dog)
Read Quietly (using this when they nap or for quiet time)
Then I had the kids paint clothes pins and gave each kid 6 pins. They are attached to their name and after each task we move the clip to the circle.

There is no reward or anything when the pins get moved, but we just talk about how we did the task and how helpful it is to mama. They love it and when someone (cough… Charlie) wasn't listening to me one day it was a great visual for him. He got upset when we couldn't move his pin down but we got to move sister's. Then later when I suggested we pick up our toys so we could all move our clip, guess who was the first one to start cleaning up? We will see if it actually motivates him later!

Part of being three is wanting to act like a big kid so I think this method of giving the children 'jobs' and then getting to do something to prove that they did that job is a great way to channel that helping energy.

Do you use a chore chart or some other visual representation in your house to help motivate your kids? Do rewards work? I would love to hear what works and what doesn't.

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