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Friday, December 19, 2014

Day Twenty One: Needle Point Ornaments

When I was pregnant my mom took me to a needle point shop and we picked out two ornaments for me to work on until the babies arrived. Our thinking was that if I were to be put on bed rest or not be able to get around so easily, that they would occupy my time.

I think I finally finished them for the kids' first Christmas and they turned out beautifully! So beautifully I got it in my head to try and make them every year. Well… two years later and I'm still working on the second year of ornaments! Arghhh

I do love them though, and I love the idea of a tree full of hand made ornaments, but needlepoint is not something I am quick with. I am determined to finish these two by the end of this year and then I think I may make some cross stitch ornaments for the next few years. I thought little depictions of the kids' personalities would be cute and easier to do through cross stitch.

Maybe someday I'll have more time for needlepoint, I do love how it looks finished! My mom is a wonderful needlepointer (is that a word? One who needle points?) and recently finished an amazing tree skirt. Look at this gorgeous piece of art!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day Twenty: Mystery Paintings

Another fun craft to do with the little ones. I took scraps of watercolor paper and embossed with clear embossing powder several different images. Then I set out the squares with watercolor and called it a mystery painting station. The kids painted the squares to discover what the image was and had fun watching the image "appear". If you didn't want to use the embossing technique, white crayons are great for resisting watercolors! It would even be fun to have the kids write the mystery messages or pictures to each other! 
What it looks like set up on the tray.
And there they are hard at work! Do you see H with her headphones? I picked up this Hello Kitty disc man in a Facebook yard sale and we have had fun checking out more audio books from the library. I like that it has become a completely independent activity so that those of us not reading don't have to listen to the story 50 times!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day Nineteen: Paper Line Up Christmas Tree

A really easy craft that helps with shapes and sorting, I set up this paper line up tree on a tray in the play room but it would be easy to glue it down and work it as a craft.

I cut half inch strips of green construction paper and them cut them at different lengths to make a tree. I added a small rectangle of brown card stock to serve as the trunk. I demonstrated one tree put together as a reference point to help the kids understand what to do and left it out as an invitation to play. 

Here is what the tray looks like waiting for someone to work with it.

And here it is in action!

Great for independent work but I made two just in case these two wanted to work side by side, how did I know that would end up happening? Check out more holiday crafts and activities here!

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