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Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

I woke up with Charlie standing by my bed staring at me. When I opened my eyes he yelled, "It's Halloween day mama!" Think they are a little bit excited over here? I forgot how much fun the build up to a holiday can be, they have made this week really fun. These are pictures I took Monday before school. They decorated those pumpkins (with lots of glitter and paint) and had a little party, very cute.

This morning we are dressing up and going to story time then I am forcing them to take a nap when we get home (wish me luck!) so we can stay up late trick or treating and watching Charlie Brown. What are your big Halloween plans? Our neighborhood is pretty chill for trick or treating so it's always just enough for these two. Last year I felt like by the time Halloween got here we had already celebrated with parties and playdates and I was exhausted by the time the actual date got here. This year we have only put on costumes (Darth Vader and Princess Leia!) for play or practice around the house to make today seem more special. I can already tell it worked because I am excited for this day to get going!

Hope your Halloween is full of happy, sugared up kids and that you get some candy yourself! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in The Life/// Halfway there

Friday I shared my plans to document this week as part of Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project. I uploaded the pictures I've taken so far and thought I would share my half way point thoughts here. I've been trying to snap quick photos throughout the day, both of people and objects in my life, and then spend time at the end of every day looking over and filling in the daily sheets.

This is a really nice way to end the day. Reflecting on what was good, what was not so good, what was mundane, what was big, is a great way to clear my head before I go to sleep. I need to remember that and carry it with me after this project is over.

I have not been so worried with the photography aspect of this project, mainly because I have to quickly snap a picture and then jump back in to real life. Luckily this isn't called Perfect Photos of the Week or anything like that. I did find that I had a few gems though, a few pictures that just tell the story, or at least part of the story, of our lives. And that is exciting and what I thought I would share here. I edited some of the photos in black and white and kept some in color. I'm not really sure I can explain why, which isn't very helpful I know, but there were times when the color wasn't important to the story and times that it was. I just kind of felt my way through it and went with my gut as I had a lot of photos to edit and not a lot of time.

Looking forward, I would like to make sure I get more pictures of our evening routine, a family photo, pictures from around the house, and pictures from Chris' day.

How is your Week in the Life going? Are you feeling drained at this halfway point or excited to continue? I was thinking I didn't do that great on the photo front yesterday so it was good for me to upload what I had and see that there was plenty there! Now, on to Thursday- have a great one! Here's a bit of our Week in the Life so far.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Workspace Wednesday/// Recently Made Layout

I've been making an effort to scrapbook full layouts lately. I start out with the supplies I want to use then leave everything on my desk until the pages are finished. I recently found out I won't be able to attend my annual scrapbook retreat and that is usually the place I "catch up" for the year and finish my album.
These are some of my favorite pictures that I took on our trip to Keystone back in February. I love the bright colors, all that snow, and the way I was able to capture how excited my kids were to play with their dad. I made a two page layout with the pictures and most of these supplies can be found in my shop.
I tried out that argyle stamp with distress inks for a messy water color look and played with the Lawn Fawn Christmas papers, even though this isn't a Christmas theme. Those colors just went really well with the pictures!

Are you documenting anything fun lately? How do you stay caught up with memory keeping, or do you even worry about that?

Supplies Used///
Argyle Stamp
Love Wood Veneer
Wood Veneer Alphabet
Snow Bunny Flair