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Friday, August 1, 2014

Taking a Break

I am taking the month of August off from blogging. I have found it really challenging, and at times draining, to keep up with posts while also being a full time mom to three year olds. While I have had moments to myself, I am looking forward to parent's day out starting back up so I have blocked hours twice a week to get all my busy work in. Until that glorious day comes, I want to continue living out this summer with my goal of setting intentions forefront in my mind and I think taking a long break will do just that. I will be working behind the scenes and the shop will stay open so that come September 1st this blog will be full of inspiration and work that meets my criteria again.

So have a great rest of the summer! I have a few videos lined up for my YouTube channel and you can follow me on instagram if you want to know what we are up in our every day lives. As always, thanks for reading, and see you soon!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July in Review

Well that was fast! July has come and (almost) gone and I gotta say, it was pretty great. Lots of loving summertime over here. Here's a look at the highlights from this month at ye ole blog

We went on a fun trip to Colorado.

I shared how we are incorporating Montessori into our daily life.

I started comparing kit clubs (look for another video tomorrow!)

We painted hungry caterpillars. 

I made and highly enjoyed a blackberry mint julep.

And elsewhere on the internet, here are some things that caught my eye

This drawstring bag tutorial looks like a cute way to use up random scraps of fabric.

I love this new site Indie Sew and their tutorials are always helpful. Keeping this one on how to bind a knit neckline for future reference.

The picture alone is worth getting Dafoe and Baryshnikov together.

This post by the Bloggess made me not feel so sad about the women against feminism hashtag.

Just for fun, great moments in Dystopian Knitwear.

An interesting article about the true price of fast fashion. 

My friend Maryam made a toddler kimono and it's fantastic.

Seinfeld emojis. No other words needed.

Someone followed Solange around for four days and it just made me love her more.

Some resources to ways you can provide help to the children on the border.

And finally, Sunday afternoon I saw the movie Boyhood and it was amazing. Just brilliant and wonderful. My friend sent me this article about it and you should read it and then go buy your tickets immediately!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Setting up a Child's Calendar

Three year olds don't really have any sense of time, and nor should they, but they are beginning to understand the concept of time and I thought a calendar would be a great way to help them grasp the different days of the week. 
 This is a white board calendar that I bought years ago, probably at Target, and now I sit with the kids every morning and we check to see what is going on that day and week. I write in the days with a vis a vis marker (so they don't accidentally erase anything) and draw in activities for the month. Big things, like trips and special visitors, as well as every day things they look forward to, library and museum dates. I bought a set of magnets and everyday we place either a sun or cloud (I let them tell me what the weather is like) on that day's date. I am sure to tell them the month and day and then we count down to any fun activities coming up.
This has been so helpful when we have something to look forward to and is a great way to start a conversation on fun things we've already done.