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Friday, November 21, 2014

Day Six: Leaf Turkeys

I have been searching for more leaf crafts because it seems every day on our walk we add to our collection of beautiful leaves! Yesterday I decided to make a leaf turkey, something I've definitely seen done before but was really fun and worth sharing if you too are growing a pile of leaves in your house!
I started by gathering three pieces of construction paper and drawing a big circle, a small circle, and a little triangle on them to make up the turkey body. I thought the kids could help cut them out, but nope. Need to work on those scissor skills!
Grab a pile of leaves and some glue and start gluing down the leaves as the turkey's feathers!
Harper did it all by herself, Charlie happily put the glue on the leaves and I stuck them down. This was a fun thing to do in that hour before supper is ready but the sun is already going down and people are starting to get cranky. Yes it was a little messy with the glue and some crunchy leaf bits, but easy to clean up!
 Here are our finished turkeys! So cute right? They make me laugh. I just cut up old paper bags for the canvas, love being able to reuse those. You could even laminate these and make them your Thanksgiving placemats at the kids table. Ours will serve as art work for the big day!
Harper just kept creating and this is her 'leaf monster' art work. Girl loves those google eyes!

We still have a ton of leaves left over and I'm thinking these crayon and watercolor leaves would be a good rainy day project today and if I get brave I might try either this globe or these lanterns.  I've seen a lot of cool stick art and stick mobile type projects too, but guys those remind me of True Detective! Haha! Do you have any fun leaf art projects you've made with your kids?

Click on the 25 Days of Holiday Crafting tag for more fun and creative inspiration! Hope everyone has a fun weekend. If I get a little bit of sun I'm hoping to photograph the second half of my Week in the Life album. See you Monday for more holiday fun! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day Five: Thanksgiving Napkin Ties

Today we are going to take the lovely napkins from Tuesday and wrap them up with something pretty! You could also use this same design for simple place cards or thank you notes. I had fun playing with stamps and this wreath die  from Ellen Hutson. I was kind of obsessed with the idea of using that Christmas wreath for a fall type project and I am so happy with how it turned out! You could even wrap these around some kind of small present and let your guests take them home. Oh man, the possibilities are endless!

Here is a video of how I put them together, enjoy!

Check out my 25 Days of Holiday Crafting tag to see more fun ways to create and play together!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day Four:Cultivating a Spirit of Thankfulness

Initially when I started thinking about this post my plan was to share all of my great wisdom with you on parenting 3 year olds and activities to help them be thankful for all they have. Then I pulled my head out of my ass and realized I was going about it all wrong.

I was thinking of ways that I could get my kids to be thankful for their stuff, because they have so much stuff! And I want them to take care of it and share it and not grow up to be selfish jerks! I wanted to counter the culture of more more more that we live in and get my kids to begin a conversation of gratitude.

Then I actually talked to my sweet babes and realized they were trying to teach me and I was simply not listening. Every night we talk about our day and they tell me their favorite part, what they are thankful for. Do you think it's for their cool Lego set or art supplies? Nope. It's for "daddy building Legos with me" and "painting mama's picture with her." Out of the mouths of babes. They have no need for stuff, yes they love their toys, but really they can make a game out of a blanket and a chair and we all know a kid loves an empty box. We are the ones that teach them more more more and we are the ones that try to get them to value all this stuff. They are constantly telling us they don't really need it and we aren't listening. 

So my advice for cultivating a spirit of thankfulness is to start with myself, yourself, the adults in the room, and look at what we are valuing and modeling for our children.Then just start talking about it, start acknowledging those great moments where everyone is present and loving one another. Start thinking of ways that you as a family can share what you have. Not just the material, but your energy and time and talent. 

To help begin this conversation and to keep these thoughts at the forefront of my mind, I made this little jar that says "The Best Part of My Day" and set it out in our kitchen along with a few scraps of paper and a pen. My hope is that throughout the year all four of us will put down little moments and store them in the jar. I think either next Thanksgiving or for the New Year we will open them and read them aloud. To remind us of all that we have to be thankful for and to keep our minds and hearts above all the stuff

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