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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

C&H Right Now: Things You Say

Things you say:
"You are killing(and or kidding depending on the situation) me Hopper!"

"This music is so bootiful mama."

"Cookie Head!"

"We only say booty when we're naked."

"I lub you I lub you."

"Sweet little guy" when talking to your lovey or Duncan

"Well…" (before any explanation)

"I so hungy" (first thing in the morning)

making up words (and people's names) when you read books to me

"That's cool mom!"

"Do you like that?"

"I just want to snoogle (snuggle) you."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Around Here: Week 4

Here's a glimpse at our life this fourth week of January

This week was full of outdoor play and time spent together! Hope your weekend was relaxing and full of fun!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Currently: January

Reading Emma by Jane Austen and The Group by Mary McCarthy simultaneously, which if I had free time I would write an entire essay on!

Watching the ridiculous show that is Reign on Netflix while Chris is at meetings.

Cooking lots of meatless dishes, some good, some ok, but giving Chris a steak over the weekend

Vacuuming all the things with my new Dyson! I freaking love it and its amazing Cheerio suck up ability

Working on some new stamp designs and freebies for the shop

Making a little baby quilt that is pretty stinkin' cute, if I just had a bit more time to get it together

Playing dragons with the kids, they tell me I'm the bad dragon but then come rescue me

Parenting alone while my hubby works hard at his job and at church. Looking forward to a long weekend of calm.

Crying when I filled out paperwork for the preschool class next year. How are my babies turning 4 soon?

Laughing at those same babies when they try to tell me jokes, working on getting the set up for the knock knock joke just right

Planning what I want to grow in the garden this year

Enjoying the gorgeous weather before it turns wintery again

Swimming with my grandparents and loving our weekly visits

Practicing patience with those in my house and those in my life

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