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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kit Club Review///Gossamer Blue

Like I said back in this post, I am going to be seeking out different scrapbooking kit clubs and comparing them here on the blog to get an idea of what subscription works for me. In July I bought the July Main Kit from Gossamer Blue and here are my final thoughts.

Name: Gossamer Blue
Subscription Price: $29.95
One Time Purchase Price: $34.95
3 solid cardstock papers
10 double sided patterned papers
an alphabet
label stickers
2 smaller sticker sets
2 embellishments packs
1 small stamp set
Exclusives: stamp set and 2 patterned papers
Extras/Store available to purchase: A project life type kit also available for subscriptions and a small store
Number of Projects Made: 3 single 12x12 pages, 1 double 12x12 layout, 2 cards
Final Thoughts: Liked the mix of papers and colors but felt the amount of embellishments was lacking a bit. Do like the exclusive products and while this stamp set wasn't my favorite, I did like the size and the versatility of it. 
Will I be subscribing?: No. I will be putting this on my radar though to check out every month and if I see a kit I love I will buy it alone, but as a subscription I don't think I will be making the plunge! 

I also made a video recap if you want to see exactly what is left over and what was made! Check it out here and if you want to see more from my YouTube channel, click here! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Book Work/// The Color Kittens

I have another Book Work post for you today. This is where I take a book my kids love and try to expand on it with a fun activity. You can see my previous posts here! 
This book, The Color Kittens, was a favorite of mine growing up and my mom kept it all these years. Recently the kids discovered it and brought it home with them and I had a major wave of nostalgia looking at the pictures. I had completely forgotten about this book but when I saw the illustrations I was taken back to my childhood.

In this book two color coordinated kittens mix paint colors trying to make their favorite color, green. I thought it would be fun to set up an experiment of sorts where we mixed colors. I gathered the book, 5 clear dishes, a pitcher of water, and food coloring. Later I had to grab two sticks so the kids could help me mix the color.
 First I read them the book then we poured a little water into each dish. Then I dropped a little red food coloring in one dish and a little blue in another. Then we opened the book and reread about the kittens mixing colors and as they went we mixed the food coloring. It worked really well and I think they were excited to see the colors appear as they stirred the water. The only one I had to change was the pink (mixing red and white) as I didn't have white food coloring, so I just used pink!
I plan on doing some other color mixing activities with paint but I think this was a great way to get immediate results and it went really well with the book.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Grow and Cook///Okra

Every year I plant okra from seed and most years it does really well. It's almost like a weed and doesn't need a lot of water. You need to harvest the okra while they are still small and tender, large okra get really tough, and I have found that you don't need too many plants so it's great for a smaller space.
Usually I have plenty to cook with and cut up and freeze for later. This year my plants didn't yield a lot of fruit and I'm not sure if it had to do with a rainier season or the fact that I need to build up the nutrients in my soil. Probably a mixture of both! I did get one good harvest though and tried a new recipe I want to share with you. It's not mine, I found it on Pinterest, so I will go ahead and just link to the blog. I usually fry okra, pickle it, or save it for gumbos, but this one is going into my okra rotation. Chris raved about it too which is always a good sign!

Do you grow okra or have any favorite okra dishes? I bet you will find okra at farmer's markets this week as it is just now getting cool here in the south. If not, think about growing your own next year!